LinkedIn new tools to disclose regional memberships

When it comes to looking at how many LinkedIn memberships there are per region no one knows the real answer, because no tool has been put in place to disclose this.

It now looks like LinkedIn will disclose details on mobile foreign businesses, a new report says the Securities and Exchange Commission told LinkedIn that these details are material to investors.

This could mean new tools will be out into place to disclose regional membership, this will be part of the regulatory filing of Q3 results that are due October 29, which LinkedIn told the regulator August 29.

In response to the above it looks like LinkedIn expects to be able to report its revenue by product in earnings filing both in and outside of the U.S for the March 31, 2014 quarter ending.

To put it in more plain and simple terms, LinkedIn will provide a refined methodology by March 31 quarter, and this will provide data covering mobile unique visitors as well as a percentage of total unique visitors. The social network does not have any type of tool that can track its users.

Please do visit Bloomberg for the full information; do you think it is necessary for LinkedIn to have a data tool in place to track its users?

LinkedIn new tools to disclose regional membership