Jim Irsay twitter comments after Peyton Manning

The last few weeks has been a little crazy for Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay after his Peyton Manning comments on USA Today, Irsay even took to Twitter to defend himself with tweets thanking many ignorant and mean spirited media types.

It some respect Irsay criticized himself and Colts management for not giving Manning a more well rounded team to work with, we will let you pass judgement on this one.

Some say that they forgive Irsay for being a little too over-excited after the victorious win over Manning and the unbeaten Denver Broncos at Lucas Oil Stadium; Irsay did go on to say that it was emotional for both Colts fans and the Broncos quarterback who cheered him as their own.

It is well worth reading the USA Today article who report on Irsay sounded off on Manning and the Colts’ playoff history.

Jim Irsay had more things on his mind and decided to post more tweets on his Twitter account, please take a look at these tweets below. Some have bad language so you read at your own risk.

What are your views on the Irsay twitter comments?

Jim Irsay twitter comments after Peyton Manning