Google Plus live hangout parties sidebar refresh

If you now visit Google Plus you will get to see the brand new Google Plus live hangout parties refresh feature in the hangouts sidebar.

You can now use the “Start a Party” and let friends know that you’re available by starting your own video party. Google is revamping this so that users can find new ways to find hangout parties to join.

Google will only be refreshing the web version of Google Plus so that users get better information and notifications about live and pending Hangout parties that you’re able to join.

The revamped design looks great and will be rolling out within the next few days, the revamp will show new invites for video parties that Google Plus users will be able to participate in. This means new invites will come via other G+ users that have requested your company, and if you have listed anyone in your circles they can contact you for public video calls.

Google Plus live hangout parties sidebar refresh

Hangout Parties are nothing like normal Hangouts on Air, Parties is only there for those that wish to do personal or live face-to-face calls for up to nine other users who wishes to join in.

Read how to start a Hangout party by reading these step-by-step instructions.

You can now see the Google Plus live hangout parties on the right of the hangouts sidebar at the bottom – Are you ready to start a Google Plus Party?

google plus party invitation