Gold digger prank video targets one woman

Everyone loves to play a prank on someone and we know there are millions of YouTube videos showcasing these, one called ‘Gold Digger Prank’ is a video that has gained 21,853,100 views, 274,838 likes, 6,335 dislikes and 72,043 YouTube comments.

The Gold digger prank video has caused somewhat of a stir online with some loving it saying it is genius, and others are saying it is targeting just one woman.

A few people online have said why did he ask a young slim lady out for dinner, how come he did not ask a 40 or 50 year old woman out for dinner as this would have been more of a test.

Some are saying the video is fake but for millions they just love the YouTube prankster and comedian Vitaly Zdorovetskiy no matter what.

The video was made to expose gold diggers, he asked the young beautiful lady out to dinner and she said no until she saw the Lamborghini. The video was so popular that within just hours of it being uploaded to YouTube it gained 100,000 views, and since it went live on October 15 it has had 21,853,100 views.

We will not say anymore, we will let you watch the Gold digger prank video below, once you have done so please do comment. What are your views on this video?

Gold digger prank video targets one woman