Adding a Facebook jobs page tab

Everyone believes that LinkedIn is the social networking site to be if you are looking for a job, and even though it is highly recommended for professionals it seems Facebook is more popular.

A report says that six out of ten professionals currently use only Facebook to find employment, there are many sectors including financial, business services, engineering, banking and of course many more like travel and tourism, and these sectors have all used Facebook to find new employees.

Facebook hiring is basically calculated by the attendance of careers tab, or jobs tab on Facebook official pages along with the capability for candidates to browse and apply for jobs.

Let’s cut to the chase, Facebook is becoming larger and more popular on a daily basis, and there is a simple way to build your own employer brand, you can find new talent and once you have done so you can hire the best of them by adding a Facebook jobs page tab, basically a career site on Facebook.

MyParichay will search over 2 million jobs from boards and company websites, they will use your Facebook to find connections and of course seek a referral or refer your friends to jobs. It is the best option to search over 20 Million profiles and contact individuals on MyParichay.

Please watch the video, and then visit MyParichay to sign-up. If you have used this new Facebook tab service pleas let us know what you think.

Adding a Facebook jobs page tab