Twitter geo-targeting option for ads

Twitter is a social networking place that likes to evolve, and we all know that sending tweets to a specific brand etc to geographic locations would be an achievement.

It is all about targeting specific marketers and sending the Twitter geo-targeting option for ads. There is a new tool that recently released, which is now being offered via Twitter’s API and this allows targeted tweets to be sent by marketers to specific locations.

This is all great because a brand could send a tweet to followers in China and say a separate tweet to users in USA and so forth using the same account. The tweets will not show up to your followers in the brand’s Twitter timeline, but they will if those followers live in the country targeted.

It was social media ad management company TGB that released the first tweet using the country-specific tweeting tool. ONE Media Manager brings geo-targeting to organic tweets for the first time; so managing local markets through one Twitter account will be welcomed with opens arms.

This is really good; say OSM were in the UK we would receive different content based on that country we are in, the content would change if we were in say Japan. This allows brands to run different tests by giving different content in different GEO locations.

The only downside to all this is brands being a little worried about sharing regional Twitter content for the worry of followers clicking the unfollow button because they may see it as irrelevant.

For more information please visit Mashable who goes into more detail. Do you like the idea of Twitter geo-targeting option for ads?

Twitter geo-targeting option for ads