Kenya mall video of soldiers looting after shooting

New security footage has emerged online after the Westgate mall attack in Kenya, the video shown below shows what looks like security soldiers taking goods from the mall and not paying for them.

Last month the Kenya mall shooting left 67 dead after suspected al-Shabab militants stormed the Nairobi Westgate shopping centre on 21 September.

The video below clearly shows Kenyan soldiers carrying white bags and taking goods from the store without consent, according to reports the Kenyan military are investigating the looting allegations.

The mall sells food, mobile phones and televisions, the floor is covered in blood and one of the soldiers walks right over the blood to see what he can take from the counter.

The Nation, which is Kenya’s largest-selling newspaper titled an article with “Shame of soldiers looting Westgate”. Many believe this is not good soon after many lost their lives to gunmen; it is not proper for officials to do such a thing after lives were lost.

Reports said that the attack was carried out by Somali militant group al-Shabab, around 10 to 15 attackers were involved in the shootings even though video footage only shows 4 men. The nicknames of four suspects who were killed were called Umayr, Omar Nabhan, Abu Baara al-Sudani and Khattab al-Kene.

We will let you watch the video footage below and then you can pass judgement after – Are the soldiers looting the mall or not?

Kenya mall video of troops looting after shooting