Facebook beheading woman video condemned by David Cameron: Update

The sick Facebook beheading woman video will turn most stomachs, it is disgusting and should not be on the social network that allows 13 year olds on there.

People are upset about the video of a woman being beheaded, which shows in great detail a man cutting her head of with a knife. This has now been condemned by David Cameron who has taken to his Twitter page and tweeting “It’s irresponsible of Facebook to post beheading videos, especially without a warning. They must explain their actions to worried parents.”

David Cameron has entered the fray to condemn the video after the ban was lifted and posted on Facebook. In the Facebook terms and conditions it does state that they will remove any videos or photos that glorify violence in addition to other banned material, including “fully exposed breasts”.

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to uploading photos and videos on Facebook, even though the terms and conditions says the above parents are still worried because they are reading online that Facebook agrees with the “users should be free to view them and then condemn the content”, we say that any kind of content such as beheading someone should NOT be allowed to be uploaded to any social network, its sick and not needed.

Why on earth do we need to sit there and come across a video on our wall of someone doing the unthinkable like hacking a woman’s head off? Sick society and those that upload this sort of content are sick as well.

The was a temporary ban of the video showing a Mexican drug cartel cutting a woman’s head off, but then this ban got lifted on grounds of Facebook being allowed to share information of world events such as acts of terrorism. The social network scene is going crazy at the moment, many are arguing that Facebook will NOT allow women to show of their breasts but they can show a video of a woman’s head being cut off.

Please do read the full story over on BBCShould Facebook ban the video of the beheading?

UPDATE: Facebook has now removed the video of a woman being beheaded on Tuesday and said it would use a broader set of criteria to determine when gory videos are permitted on the site.

Sick Facebook beheading video condemned by David Cameron