Google Plus growth is reachable via active users

Statistically Pinterest and Facebook are the social networking sites that sends more referrals to a website than any other, but we cannot count out Google Plus.

Since Google Plus started I set-up my own personal account called ‘Mark Chubb’ (Yes, My Name), I did not do what most did and sat back in a chair waiting for others to add me to their Circles, I interacted, yes I was an active user from the get go.

When Google Plus first started you could only have an account by invitation only, I was lucky to get in from the beginning and I handed out invitations to others wanting to set-up their accounts. On a personal level I can clearly say that my Google Plus is more popular than any Facebook, Twitter accounts I have.

So far 37,379 have me in Google Plus circles and climbing every day, so many people have said Google Plus is well worth having but they have never understood why. We know that there are over 360 million account members but we have no idea if they are all active or not, we are guessing they are not.

Please do read our other article titled “Google Plus power for businesses, websites is valuable”; this will explain why it is worth having Google Plus a little more.

It is very important to earn +1s just as much as it is to get Facebook likes, it is surprising that the more you share and more active you are on Google Plus the more you get noticed. Do not forget that when you post on Google Plus this gets index in Google’s natural search as well as Google Plus on Google Search.

It is all about being active, marketing your name in the right manner and not over doing it, build a valuable audience and talk to them. Start a conversation and build relationships. In a nutshell always be an active users on Google Plus.

Google Plus growth is reachable via active users