Eminem Rap God lyrics vs Boy George

Eminem is still causing controversy according to a few news websites, and when we visit the Boy George Twitter page we see that the Culture Club music star tweeting about Eminem and his homophobic “Rap God” lyrics.

There have been many tweets on Twitter by users that have taken offence with Eminem’s use of words such as “faggot” and “fag” in his new single called “Rap God”, but Boy George’s tweets stand out the most because he is famous, it seems people take more note of a celebrity talking about the words used in the new single.

Boy George said in one tweet that he has not even heard the single Rap God yet, he did tweet “Fag? Is this really recovery talk or are you running your own program these days?” He then went over to Eminem and said “Really unhelpful.”

Some of the Rap God lyrics say “Over the back of a couple of faggots and crack it in half”, and goes on to say “you fags are all the same.” Other parts of the song goes on to say “You fags think it’s all a game ’til I walk a flock of flames” and “Little gay looking boy, So gay I can barely say it with a straight face looking boy.”

Please do read the Boy George tweets below as well as the Eminem Rap God audio video below, the full Rap God Lyrics can be seen here.

Do you think Eminem is a rap genius still or do you think he goes over the top sometimes?

Eminem Rap God lyrics vs Boy George

  • C Rothermel

    It seems obvious to me that Eminem is shamelessly working the publicity machine to promote his new album (conveniently timed to arrive in stores on Nov. 5th). I mean let’s be honest, his status has slipped a little over the last few years and what better way for a ‘rap god’ who has built his career on being controversial to reclaim his former title, then by stirring up a little politically incorrect buzz over an easy target, marginalized group of Americans. It seems calculated and (even worse) disingenuous. For Eminem to promote himself at the expense and suffering of others now is a sign that his creativity (and career) has jumped the shark. Is this the best he’s got. My respect for him has diminished to nothing.

  • Gaffered

    A little perspective seems to be in order.

    Let’s start with it as a given that music is an art form, including rap. Huffington Post,
    Rolling Stone, Salon et al. are perfectly fine with, say,
    anti-Christian paintings such as Piss Christ without knocking them as
    biased or prejudiced. Or anti-cop rap lyrics. Or a depiction of a Bible
    being flushed down a toilet as art — while at the same time seeing a
    depiction of a Koran being flushed down a toilet as a hate crime, more
    or less.

    Denigrating or insulting the religious beliefs of Catholics, let’s
    say, who represent about 25% of the population of the United States is
    fine, but denigrating or insulting the sexuality of perhaps 3% (10%?) of
    the populace is terrible because the targets are homosexual males?
    Gimme a break. If it’s art, it’s art. No matter whose ox is being
    gored. Blacks don’t get a pass, Caucasians don’t get a pass, Christians
    don’t get a pass, homosexuals don’t get a pass, muslims don’t get a
    pass. . . . Nobody gets a pass. Eminem should get an equal opportunity to offend anyone and everyone….

  • Benjamin Jacobi

    He hasn’t even heard the song but he apparently assumes its homophobic. What an idiot.

  • Benjamin Jacobi

    Boy george needs to listen to the song befor he judges it