Alison Gold Chinese Food song makes social waves

Since the Chinese Food song by Alison Gold went live on YouTube it has gained a massive 10,116,067 views, which is very good indeed considering its been online for only 6 days.

There are so many annoying songs out there like the Harlem Shake, ok Harlem was good until people decided they wanted to do stupid dances and upload them to YouTube, then there was Rebecca Black’s Friday, and now we all have Alison Gold’s ‘Chinese Food’.

The new song with its Chinese Food lyrics has caused mixed emotions online, but majority on the singers Twitter praises her for the song. Read some of the tweets below and then pass your own judgment. We keep listening to the song and it is growing on us, its one of those videos that you watch for the first time and you think ‘How pathetic’ then it gets better the more you hear it.

We might bring our own song out called ‘OSM Lovers” we could sing about online social media lovers, yeah ok we think not.

The Alison Gold Chinese Food song can be watched and listened to below, “After ballin’, I go clubbin’, then I’m huggin’.” She then cuddles her stomach and heads over to the Chinese restaurant because she is hungry. The singer talks about clubbing in the song, she is 12 and she talks about clubbing, its just so funny everyone is starting to love it, looks at the tweets.

Some have said that the song is a little racist; we will not go into this. Please listen for yourself below then please do pass judgement. Oh, one of the tweets shows the Chinese Food parody.

Do you like the Chinese Food song by Alison Gold?

Alison Gold Chinese Food song makes social waves

  • cheezer

    people actually like this song…wow people dont even understand something bad when they see it. she is not pretty…just another dumb blonde