SodaHead hacker dubbed Robin Hood and cyber bully

38-year-old Michael Pullen of Dry Ridge, Kentucky has been sent to prison for five months in prison and two years on probation after hacking into social networking site

Pullen hacked into SodaHead and changed users posts to show conservative views, for example “I’m super fancy. Why don’t you call me fancy pants?” He changed SodaHead posts that were homophobic are considered racist.

The hacker’s lawyers dubbed him the Robin Hood of pranksters, but this was not the case for the Federal prosecutors who called him a computer hacker engaged in cyber bullying.

Not only did Michael Pullen have to go to prison, he was also ordered to pay $21,000 in restitution to SodaHead. The hacker is scheduled to report to the federal prison camp in Ashland by October 21.

Do you think the sentencing is harsh, is he a Robin Hood of pranksters or is he a cyber bully?

Some have said that the sentencing is a little hard; it costs a staggering amount to sentence someone. Taxpayers will have to pay at least $14,000 just to represent Pullen, and a staggering $30,000 per year just to incarcerate someone.


SodaHead hacker dubbed Robin Hood and cyber bully

  • SheilaC

    As a member of Sodahead I am very glad to see that was handled. SH is an OPINION website and to change someone’s words (opinion) is wrong. Unless I am mistaken we do still have a first amendment… Free to have opinions AND to say what they are.