Pinterest buys Hackermeter then plans its funeral

Pinterest has decided to buy Hackermeter, the coding challenge website. Even though they have acquired the site they have already started to plan its funeral, not really good for a site that only started two months ago.

Hackermeter is a site that assigned scores to users, which was based on how good the programmer is. Future employees then had the chance to playback the users code keystroke-by-keystroke using the website, and this created many challenges of its own.

Hackermeter graduated from the Y Combinator Winter 2013 class but did not raise enough funds; they were hoping to raise $750,000 before getting acquired.

So what will happen to Hackermeter co-founders Frost Li and Lucas Baker if Pinterest are planning to shut the site down? Well, they will be new engineers over on Pinterest, so some good news comes to light after all.

The Hackermeter system was in a nutshell put into place to match companies and developers automatically; when the new site was first launched it got many criticising it.

What Hackermeter offered was already available via CodeEval and HackerRank, even though Pinterest are shutting it down it shows that they are highly interested in the team and business.

Source – Tech Crunch

Pinterest buys Hackermeter then plans its funeral