Google Plus users skilfully protest shared endorsement ads

Google Plus is doing very well and we love using the social networking place, but yesterday the latest news of Google using its users photos, names and comments to launch its new product-endorsement ads did not go down well.

We reported yesterday that Google Plus users from November 11, 2013 may start to see their names, photos or comments next to shared endorsement ads for a range of products without being compensated.

Since Google Plus users learned of this new plan of incorporating their stuff next to ads some started to protest, they changed their profile photos to Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt. Huffington Post reports that if a Google Plus user publicly endorses a product or brand by clicking on the +1 button, it will show Eric Schmidt’s picture and not theirs in the particular ad.

Google wants to introduce “shared endorsements” ads on its sites and of course millions of other websites, sites that display Google’s advertising network. How do you feel about this?

Not everyone is happy with Google using the ads with personal information from its Google Plus users, we did mention yesterday that these can be switched off, click the relevant link above for more information.

One of our friends said that they will be changing all their Google Plus profile pictures to show Mark Zuckerberg, guess this would not go down too well, what do you think?

Google Plus users protest shared endorsement ads