Banksy art for sale in NYC goes viral

Banksy is a well-known street artist from Bristol; most of his artwork can be seen on buildings etc. One of the OSM team has seen loads of his controversial art pieces because he lives in Bristol UK, the elusive artist posted a new video online titled ‘Art Sale”, which has gained a massive 2,747,591 views and in our eyes that is viral.

The British street artist Banksy signed canvas art pieces were being sold on a street stall in New York’s Central Park for $60 (£38) each. When you watch the video or for those walking past the stall the Banksy canvasses look fake, but they are indeed the real deal.

If you visit the official Banksy website you will see a message under a photo of his artwork saying “Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 100% authentic original signed Banksy canvases – For $60 each.”

We all know that Banksy art pieces are worth around £20,000 each, we actually prefer his street art rather than them being on canvasses but if you want a piece of the real official rare art pieces then canvas is the way to go. Banksy has called this public art sale “Better Out Than In” and the man in the video is unknown.

A woman bought two small Banksy canvasses, which should have been $120 considering they were priced at $60, but she negotiated and got the two with a 50% discount. A few other people saw the Banksy New York art and bought a few pieces and by the end of the day the stall only made $420 (£263).

Watch the video below and see the Banksy art being sold, OSM’s very own Mark Chubb sees the Banksy artwork on buildings everyday.

Are you a fan of Banksy?

Banksy art for sale in NYC goes viral