Video chat with LinkedIn professionals using Peer

LinkedIn is all about establishing relationships with professionals, it is also one of the best social media networks to be on if you are looking for jobs.

All the above is good but one thing is missing from LinkedIn! We believe they should incorporate a built-in video chat features just like Google Plus, this has not happened yet so we will have to make do with those over at Peer.

Peer have created an awesome application that syncs with LinkedIn, this is great because it allows LinkedIn professionals to have a face-to-face chat now making life a lot easier to communicate, should be great for job interviews as well if used the right way.

All you need to do is install an app and then sign-up through your LinkedIn profile, for the video chat to work your LinkedIn profile MUST have a picture, description of your experience and a certain number of connections. If you only have like 5 connections then it will be unlikely you can use Peer.

Once you have done all the above all you need to do now is set up a pre-recorded video message (Roughly 20 seconds in good enough), this will then be used to invite people to connect with you.

Main features include: Find other professionals in your area or globally based on expertise, Hop on 1×1 live video calls right from your device, Send pre-recorded video messages as invites, or text. Easy LinkedIn sign-in, the ability to join a group and meet other professionals and so much more.

For more information on how to video chat using LinkedIn please visit Peer.

Video chat with Linkedin professionals using Peer