Scheduled tweets on Twitter not for everyone

Today Twitter is offering Scheduled tweets, but this new feature is not for everyone. The tweet-scheduling offering is only for advertisers only, those that are using Twitter’s ads products.

Twitter’s ‘Scheduled Tweets’ are available to Ads users in all supported languages, which means users can schedule promoted or organic tweets for specific times and dates, and the good thing is that they can schedule these up to a year in advance.

Twitter advertisers can now plan real-time campaigns with ease; publishing content at any time without the need of worrying about tweeting during the night or any other time when staff cannot do it is convenient.

Advertisers now have the flexibility they need thanks to scheduled tweets now being available; this is great for advertisers to plan in advance for new product releases and even premieres etc.

Please take a look at the screenshots we have added above and below, if you go to and click the blue Tweet button in the corner you can schedule tweets. All self-explanatory really, when you click on ‘Schedule’ you will see a calendar and time zone etc, all the basics of scheduling a tweet on Twitter for advertisers.

Will you be taking full advantage of scheduled tweets on Twitter?

scheduled tweets pic 2

Source – Twitter Blog

scheduled tweets pic 1