League of Legends Get Jinxed music video has superb lyrics

The new game League of Legends champion Jinx is being promoted in a very distinct way by Riot Games, we all love it when games are showcased in an unusual way, and the music video we have for you below will not disappoint.

Below you can watch the stunning League of Legends Get Jinxed music video, which has superb lyrics. The vocals in the video come via Agnete Kjølsrud from the brilliant band called Djerv.

The music videos chorus is a masterpiece, which says, “Come on, shoot faster, just a little bit of energy! I wanna try something fun right now, I guess some people call it anarchy!’

OSM really loves this video, it features hexplosive sequences with bombs and bullets, and the League of Legends Get Jinxed music video draws you in thanks to the sultry hedonistic super criminal and her vivid imagination running wild that makes you think a little.

The former super criminal is called Vi who became part of Piltover’s law enforcement. We will not say anymore about the video because this will spoil it for you. All we say is turn up the volume and watch the League of Legends Get Jinxed video that has amassed 11,903,650 views in just 6 days, this video has gone viral on YouTube.

We have also added the Jinx Champion Spotlight gameplay video below as well for you to watch, have fun and please do comment.

Get Jinxed League of Legends music video has superb lyrics