Google Plus profile photos, users names in ads

Google Plus users will start to see their profile photos, their faces and their own names next to ads for a range of different products, and before you ask you will not be getting any compensation.

It was only recently that Google decided to use users names, profile photos and endorsements so that they can appear next to advertising, reviews and commercial contexts under its new terms of its service starting November 11.

If a Google Plus user is 18 and over and for example reviews anything such as an album or a digital camera, you might then become a brand ambassador for their recommendations, and in return will be shared with others with the products Google Plus network.

This is all called “shared endorsements” and it is being put into place to improve results, as well as saving time and helping people. Since this new feature was announced it has caused a few concerns, there are fears that this could breach the consent and privacy on the Internet. A few are concerned and one comment we saw online said that Google does not care about their users privacy, we believe Google do care.

Google is not stupid, Plus users can still have total control if they want their name or photo in the ads, you can see more about this control in the Shared Endorsements setting. Users will be able to turn the setting off, if you turn this off on your profile your name and photo will not be shown. Please remember that this will not change whether your Profile name or photo may be used in other places such as Google Play.

Do you believe that Google are abusing G+ users trust? Please read the full “Terms of Service update”, which explains all about how your Google Plus Profile name and photo may appear (including in reviews and advertising).

Google Plus users faces in ads explained