Facebook privacy settings removal and your views

Facebook users might not be too happy that the social network privacy settings removal went ahead, the option in the privacy settings saying “Who can look up your timeline by name?” started way back in December last year, and the network did promise they would phase it out completely.

The option was removed for a reason; apparently it is not needed so in a nutshell what’s the point of having it. Last December Mark Zuckerberg’s social network announced that they were deleting this option for users to control, and this means users cannot control if their name pops up when others search a name in the Facebook search bar.

To break down even further it means everyone is now highly searchable, Facebook said they went ahead with this because only a small percentage were using it. Facebook has 1.2-billion users and only a few were using the privacy setting, some say that Facebook should have left alone and that the users should be the one that decides if they want to be found or not.

This has caused mixed reactions with Facebook users, some are saying this is a stalkers dream, a few have said that they are not amused that Facebook should have this control and that it should be the user that has total control of their own settings.

The reactions online are fierce; one commenter said that Facebook users should be able to hide their names from searches, another commenter we fond online said that Mark Zuckerberg spent an estimated $30 million to purchase four homes in his neighborhood so he could increase his privacy, the comment went on to say “Yet he thinks it’s perfectly OK to decrease our privacy by removing a privacy option. His motto must be, “Do as I SAY, not as I DO!”

There is even a petition for you to visit titled “Mark Zuckerberg: All Facebook users to hide their name from searches,” please visit here if you wish for this to happen.

What are your views on the Facebook privacy settings removal?

Facebook privacy settings removal and your views