Twitter Alerts for emergencies and natural disasters

Have you enabled the new Twitter Alerts set up yet? If the answer is no because you did not know it existed then lets take a minute to explain how the new service works.

Twitter users can now receive new ‘Twitter Alerts’ from selected organizations, before anyone asks about the special emergency alerts; these are not put into place to take over other emergency notification systems, but instead put there to complement.

Twitter users on the move can receive tweets via emergency management agencies, law enforcement, governments, state and federal agencies, public safety organizations and many more.

If there is a major crisis, natural disasters or an emergency, Twitter users will get tweets sent to them that contain up-to-date information, they can contain evacuation instructions and public safety warnings etc.

These new Twitter Alerts are easy to set up on your account, you can use these alerts for warnings for imminent dangers, preventive instructions, urgent safety alerts, crowd and misinformation management, evacuation directions, information on access to essential resources as well as information on critical transit and utility outages.

It is very easy to subscribe to these new Twitter notifications, it is as simple as going to for example[username]/alerts, so if you want to see Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Alerts page you just go to FEMA’s page at You will need to click on the blue box, “Activate Alerts from @AccountName.”

For more information please visit the Twitter Blog. Are you using Twitter Alerts yet?

Twitter Alerts for emergencies and natural disasters