Tesla car fire caught on video and Musk response

A video that went live and viral last week shows the Tesla car fire, this was videoed off ramp of S167 Willis Street exit in kent, wa.

After the video was posted onto YouTube Tesla shares plummeted in that same week, the video to date has had nearly 3m views. The shares went from a healthy $190 to a low near $168 after the video went live; they have started to recover now.

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk was not too impressed to say the least, so much so he went onto the Web to post his response on the Tesla blog site. He responded online to say that the Model S sedan that caught on fire was due to a battery pack, he said it would have been worse if it were a gasoline-powered car.

The Tesla S had a crash whereby it hit a large metal object whilst travelling at highway speeds, it then went underneath the car and hit with a force of 25 tons.

The impact caused a 3-inch hole under the armor plate, which left the battery pack compromised. Musk also stated that the cars on-board alarms alerted the driver to stop and that the fire was contained within the battery pack firewalls. Read the full story over on Tesla Motors Blog.

Please do watch the video below of the Tesla car fire after a little crash.

Tesla car fire caught on video and Musk response