Megan Young slated on Facebook for Miss World

The beautiful Megan Young Miss World 2013 from the Philippines is being defended by thousands on social networks after she was slated on Facebook, the beauty queen came under attack by a Facebook user called Devina DeDiva and in a nutshell said that she does not agree with Young’s Miss World victory because the Philippines is a country full of maids.

The responses by those defending the new Miss World 2013 came in very fast indeed, one commenter replied to Devina DeDiva saying she is extremely rude.

DeDiva replied with other messages saying she knows it is rude but it is a fact, she even said Philippines are poor and smelly from cleaning toilets and uneducated.

The post DeDiva put on Facebook has been removed and rightfully so, they are racist and very rude indeed. The Inquirer has tried reaching out to the Facebook user (DeDiva) but without any success, she is apparently based in Singapore but she studied at Manchester University.

After DeDiva slated Megan Young online a hate page went live, which reached over 11,068 likes according to the source above. It astonishes us someone could be racist based on where someone comes from, and there is nothing wrong being a maid they do their job very well.

There are maids all over the world, so does this make them all smelly as well, its pathetic and not right for someone to slate someone like this; these are just a few messages that went online.

OSM would like to say congratulations to Megan Young, the new Philippines queen and Miss World 2013.

What are your views on the racist remarks by DeDiva?

Below is the screenshot from Devina DeDiva’s Facebook page, this was taken by Twitter user @JoelSanicoAba before being taken offline.

Megan Young slated on Facebook for Miss World screenshot

Megan Young slated on Facebook for Miss World

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