Glee Season 5 spoilers land on Twitter

Cory Monteith sadly passed away July 13, 2013 and we all know that on October 10 there will be a Glee tribute to Cory, as we all know Finn Hudson at the beginning of Season 4 enlisted in the Army but was discharged because he accidently shot himself in the leg.

Things are becoming clearer now, because new Glee Season 5 spoilers land on Twitter, the photo above shows the apparent Glee set that is supposedly going to be used as a military base scene, rumors have suggested that Mark Salling who plays Puck may join the Army in tribute to Finn’s death in Season 5, Episode 3: “The Quarterback.”

Puck will be joining Glee for episodes 3 and 4 for season 5, Puck and Finn were very close indeed and he will do something extreme after finding out about Finns death.

If you watch Glee you will know that Puck is not the best character for following rules, he does not like authority and this is why it seems a little strange that he could be joining the military, if he does how long do you think he will last?

Will Puck drop writing in favor of joining the Army? Are you going to watch Glee episodes, if so what are you looking forward to the most?

Glee Season 5 spoilers land on Twitter