US Government shutdown reactions using hashtag #DearCongress

The latest news in USA reports that the US government shutdown happened early Tuesday morning, for some this is sad news because the Congress failed to reach some sort of resolution on a short-term funding measure, and because of this the federal government officially shut down.

The news of the government shutdown has caused a stir on social media networks across the world, we have noticed so many tweets coming in over on Twitter using the hashtag #dearcongress.

The social media response is huge and one that caught our eye was from the TODAY show, Carson Daly asked the public to share their messages for Congress using the hashtag #DearCongress. It was this hashtag that got an amazing response and trended nationally this morning on Twitter as well as Facebook.

The Today Show tweeted “On the brink of govt shutdown…Do you have a message for Congress? Share it on twitter/facebook/instagram/vine w/hashtag: #DearCongress.”

Below you can see a few Twitter reactions covering the Government shutdown, reports have come in that national landmarks, parks and various offices, which includes the National Mall and Statue of Liberty closing their doors. The hashtag #DearCongress has gone wild across Facebook, Vine, Instagram and Twitter across the world.

What are your views on the U.S Government shutdown?

US Government shutdown reactions using hashtag dearcongress

  • Rodney Dillion

    We the people should hold special elections and replace every member of congress. WTH? Federal workers belong to UNIONS,and have unemployment, and other benefits. CRY me a cup of tears. What about US without any of that?Do your job or go home.