The Faces of Facebook is pointless fun

There are over 1.2 billion people on Facebook and it is climbing at a rapid rate, it is one of the most busiest social network sites out there. Have you ever wondered where you were on the list of when you joined number wise?

There is a new website that allows you to see the billion faces on Facebook, the site is aptly called ‘The Faces of Facebook’, I connected to this site using my personal Facebook profile and found that I am on the list at number 53,982,201, which is the number I joined, Mark Zuckerberg is at number 1 obviously.

The Faces of Facebook was designed by Natalia Rojas, and when you open here it will show you the running count of how the Facebook membership number growth.

The tiny dot what looks like white noise represents each member on Facebook, if you wish to find yourself then all you need to do is click the location symbol found top right and then connect, it will then automatically find you and show you when you joined with a number.

When you click on any dot it zooms in to show faces, click a face and it goes to their Facebook profile. It is sluggish, too slow and I got bored after a couple of minutes.

It is just pointless fun that you play around with for a couple of minutes and then that’s it, its actually taken longer to do this article than playing with The Faces of Facebook. Just for the record Rojas said that they do not store any photos, names or private information.

What do you think of The Faces of Facebook?

Faces of Facebook is pointless fun