Google in 1998 vs 2013 visual difference

Google celebrated its 15th birthday last week and they showed this off by placing a new interactive Google Doodle Pinata in the shape of a star on its search page. Now there is another special thing you can do thanks to a new Easter Egg Google has added, read on.

If you go to Google search and type in ‘Google in 1998’ you will see something rather interesting, go on then try it, but be sure to come back to OSM and leave us a comment on what you think about it.

After you have typed in ‘Google in 1998’ you will notice the visual layout has changed, but that is not all because you will notice back in 1998 the search results for the term ‘Google’ only displayed 234,000 results, but try the same search today and it brings in 11,400,000,000 results, looks like Google has come a ling way in 15 years.

We know this has nothing to do with social media, but it is worth writing about because Google plays a part in all our lives. Who would have thought back in 1998 that Google would be worth around $300 billion today?

Looking at the Google 1998 page we sense a little Yahoo, do you think it looks a little like the Yahoo search page? Please leave a message for Google below in our comments.

Google in 1998 vs 2013 visual difference

  • Barry Freeman

    I was more nostalgic for the list of dead search engines at the bottom of the page. AltaVista, Lycos, eGroups?