Twitter IPO public filing, price and date

The Twitter IPO public filing is expected to happen this week, and then hopefully will start trading before Thanksgiving, which starts on November 28.

The Twitter’s IPO price is somewhere around $28 to $30 per share, which means the company would be valued at around $15-16 billion. There is the potential threat of a government shutdown and since this threat stocks have come tumbling down, is there a slim possibility this could mess things up for Twitters IPO.

Many have said that if Twitter goes public it will be beneficial to marketers and businesses, but could see potential pressure from stockholders to generate revenue; we will let you comment on this.

Twitter wishes to get moving and list its shares within the next few months, but if a government shutdown happens this would include the SEC, which could hinder such plans.

Quartz reported that Twitter’s IPO may possibly see a delay still because of a few factors, from changes to the market conditions to the prospectus, or of course the potential U.S. government shutdown. There has been a mention of Twitter steering away from Nasdaq in favor of the New York Stock Exchange for the public offering.

What are your views on the Twitter IPO?

Twitter IPO public filing price and date