Funny kids talk about Facebook, Twitter

We all love it when kids say the funniest of things, but a new video had us all laughing when comedian Mark Malkoff asked them a selection of questions about Facebook and Twitter etc.

Do kids really know what social media is? In a nutshell, NO they don’t. If you watch the video provided below you will hear the funny kids talk about Facebook and Twitter.

The video is brilliant, in fact I have a tears streaming because it is so funny. One child said when asked about mums putting pictures of them on Facebook what they thought, “That’s just creepy.”

Others compared social media to boogers and farts, most children know what a mobile phone is, they know what a gaming console is, but social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest etc they have not got a clue.

The video is hilarious; the kids responses to Mark Malkoff’s questions about social media will make you laugh somewhat. The video has had 852,068 views on YouTube so far in only a few days, please do watch and let us know what you think.

Funny kids talk about Facebook, Twitter