Black Range Rover crushes bikers in shocking video

The shocking video we have below shows a Black Range Rover driving through and over bikers on their motorcycles, this video has caused controversy and is being debated of who was in the right or wrong.

In the video you can see a Range Rover and many bikers on their motorbikes, you can clearly see the vehicle shunt one biker and what happens next is shocking. The driver of the Range Rover named Alexian Lien said he fled the motorcyclists in fear of being attacked.

Lien has his wife and child in the Range Rover and he accidently hit the motorcyclist, and after doing so the bikers begun to damage the vehicle. He feared for his wife Roslyn Ng and five month old child so he sped off knocking bikers of their bikes.

The video below runs for six minutes and has had over 2,048,937 views since it went live yesterday, and at the end you see the Range Rover windows being smashed with a biker’s helmet after being held up in Manhattan traffic. The police are still investigating, at this given time no one was arrested; Lien said that the motorcyclists were driving ‘erratically’ and he ‘accidentally collided with one’. Lien then apparently pulled over but the bikers started to damage his car.

The footage shown below was caught with a camera mounted on top of a motorcyclist’s helmet during the annual bikers’ event in New York City, at around 2pm yesterday.

Please watch the video below and let us know who you think is in the right and wrong. Were the bikers right to react or was Lien right for fleeing in fear for his family?

Ranger Rover crushes bikers in shocking video