Zombie apocalypse already begun with Facebook users

Millions have discussed the Zombie apocalypse so many times now, about the undead walking the streets feeding off those that are still living.

Some say this is just crazy and dead people cannot walk around, and yes we agree with that of course we do, but a killer virus could wipe out the world in the future according to those that believe across the world.

To be honest we believe the Zombie apocalypse has already started, some have said a killer virus or disease spreading around and causing people to go crazy and bite people and pass it on is possible, unlikely but this world is a crazy place. Now lets get back to the real world shall we, there are already zombies walking around the streets now.

People have been infected by the Facebook virus and it is taking over the world, every time we look round all you see is a head dipping down towards a phone and to be fair when Facebook users are on a mobile device they walk around like some sort of zombie.

How many times have you tried talking to a family member, friend or work colleague and they just lift their head up from the phone and look at you saying “Graaaagh’, it is like you are sort of there. Facebook users are so engrossed looking at their wall it seems reality is where they are not.

If you take a quick look at the zombie lexicon some of the words match those engrossed in their social network, Facebook users seem to be the worst.

Do you think Facebook users are so engrossed they do not even know what is happening around them?

Zombie apocalypse already begun with Facebook users

  • michaelmodrigo

    so true…

  • Bob the Patriot

    To qoute Bob Hope, “You mean Democrats”

  • Joe Calarco

    If you’re on Facebook, you need to know that your most private thoughts and pictures are up for sale by a monster corporation. If you’re not already aware, you are already a zombie, or a member of the Tea Party. Same thing, same appetite.