Fireman saves kitten video, happy vs sad

The video where a fireman saves a kitten has now gone viral, the video below has had over 13,212,591. The video was redone by GoPro to advertise the new HD HERO3 camera, which we still have a tear when watching still.

The video is sad at first but then provides millions with happy tears at the end, this footage shown below was taken months ago by fire fighter Cory Kalanick who was wearing a GoPro camera on his helmet.

The firefighter caught the footage on the camera, where you can see him go into a burnt out home and then finding the kitten in a room unconscious on the floor.

Kalanick picked up the kitty and walked out of the building calmly, he then lays the tiny kitten on the floor and then gives the animal oxygen and pours water over its fur. All of this was caught using the GoPro camera, in the end the video went live across the world and the video went viral.

We do not want to anger people after watching this, but the kitten shown in the video did not make it through the night. In the video you see the fire fighter save the kitten, and we still say he is a hero, but the little kitty was taken to the vets where he sadly lost its battle.

The kitten was named Lucky; he sadly lost his life due to lung damage caused by the smoke. GoPro released the video titled “Fireman Saves Kitten” and we still believe Cory did a fantastic job of rescuing Lucky – Read more about this here.

Please do watch the ‘Fireman Saves Kitten” viral video below and then let us know what you think?

Fireman saves kitten in viral video is hero