FBI release Washington Navy Yard video of shooting

Yesterday the FBI released the video footage of shooter at Washington Navy Yard, the shooting was captured on CCTV and shows gunman Aaron Alexis driving into the Navy Yard parking garage in his Toyota Prius that he rented, he then walks through the building with his Remington 870 shotgun.

Since yesterday the video has amassed 2,748,341 million views, Alexis claims that electromagnetic waves were controlling him months before the shooting, 12 victims were killed on September 16th.

Two days prior to the attack on September 14th, Aaron Alexis purchased the shotgun and ammunition in Northern Virginia and he also bought a hacksaw. The gunman calmly walked into the Washington Navy Yard and in the video you can see him enter the building, he is then seen walking down the stairway and corridors armed with the gun.

When you watch the footage you will see people at the end of the corridor, he also aims the shotgun into an office but does not shoot. 34-year old Gunman Alexis was a government technology contractor, his first victim was shot at 8:16am, and the police on the third floor killed the gunman after exchanging fire with officers.

Please watch the video below, for more-in-depth information covering the Washington Navy Yard shooting please visit the official FBI website.

The world is a horrid place to be sometimes, it was only a few days ago we reported about the Kenya Westgate shooting at the shopping mall that left 67 people dead in a shooting.

FBI release Washington Navy Yard video of shooting