LinkedIn responds to email hack allegations

LinkedIn is in the middle of a lawsuit set by four users claiming that their email accounts were accessed without permission, and they believe that the email hack harvested email addresses of their contacts.

The four users filed the lawsuit in California about the email hack mentioned above, which also sends repeated endorsement emails, which uses their name and likeness.

LinkedIn responds to email hack allegations, Blake Lawit published on the LinkedIn blog explaining a few details about the class action lawsuit that accuses them of breaking into email accounts of its members. He states that none of this is true and wants to clear things up with members,

Blake Lawit posted on the LinkedIn blog saying they want to set the record straight on false accusations, according to Lawit LinkedIn do not access email accounts without permission, and to suggest we hack or break into members accounts are false. He also mentions that LinkedIn do not deceive its members by pretending to be you in order to access users email accounts.

It has also been stated that unless users give permission they will not send invitations or messages to other to join LinkedIn on account holders’ behalf.

Users do have the choice to share email contacts so that they can connect with other professionals you know and trust on LinkedIn, do you believe the claims in this lawsuit are without merit?

LinkedIn has over 240-million active users, which are up by 37 per cent from the second quarter of 2012, and according to Lawit its members always come first. The complaint put forward states that if users leave their email open in an adjacent tab on their Internet browser, LinkedIn “pretends to be that user” and downloads email addresses to its servers. Please do let us know what your views are on this?

LinkedIn responds to email hack allegations