GTA V threatens relationships, work and life

The recent GTA V game release has had a major impact on players and those close to them; the online social media networks have been very busy indeed when it comes to this new immense game, the latest news shows that thousands are tweeting over on Twitter about skipping work, school and in some cases threatening relationships.

Research by Synthesio found that since GTA 5 was released people were tweeting about missing school or work so that they could play the game because it became too addictive, some players found that they were not sleeping at night and even worse than that relationships were put on hold so they could play the massive game.

The research found that over 100,000 tweets from users planning to ‘pull sickies’ to play the GTA V, over 2.5 million tweets went live within 24 hours of the games release.

Over 100,000 tweeted they skipped school or work, 90,000 tweets said gamers played the game non-stop for many hours that in the end deprived them from sleep, and 25,000 tweets came from women saying they lost their boyfriends to GTA V.

On Wednesday this week I have to admit that I was dragged into the GTA V world, gameplay started at around 8am and before I knew it the time was 1pm. It is amazing how quick you get pulled into GTA V because the game is massive

gta v addiction

When I was playing the game I decided to grab a car and drive in a near to a straight line as possible, I wanted to drive from the start of the island to the end and even after 40 minutes it still did not end. I would say you could be driving for hours and hours and still have plenty more to see, it is huge.

This is not a game where you can just put down the controller and walk away and do other things, the copy I played belonged to my cousin and I got addicted at his house. This is going to be one game I will NOT be buying because work and life comes first, if you think for one minute this is a game where you can just play and pick up quickly then you are very much mistaken.

The addiction to collect GTA V money and try out all the GTA V cheats draws you in very quickly indeed, we visited Twitter and so many tweets talk about how addictive this game is.

Are you addicted to GTA V?

GTA V threatens relationships, work and life

  • Red Wolf

    Meh. They say that about every game that comes out and has an immersive environment. If you can’t plan your life accordingly maybe you shouldn’t play games at all.