Twitter IPO date MIA, positive so far

Twitter IPO date is still MIA but we know there are confirmed plans for it to all happen, but when is another story. Twitter tweeted on September 12th that they confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO, but they did stress that the tweet does not represent an offer of any securities for sale.

The form has been submitted to SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission), and this comes ahead of the intended IPO (Initial Public Offering).

Twitter as we all know is one of the main social media networks used on a daily basis by millions, including the likes of journalists, business, celebrities and many more, the influence is staggering.

Twitter is estimated to be worth somewhere in the region of $10-billions US, with over 200 million active users, but this has not yet been verified, some have said that it could be over 500-Million users.

Twitter is moving up its advertising portfolio with a major boost for more revenue for the long awaiting float. The purchase of start-up firm MoPub moves deeper into mobile phone advertising, the purchase deal is estimated to be $350m.

Twitter revenue alone is estimated to be around $580-million when it comes to ad revenue, which is estimated to hit $1bn in 2014, Facebook numbers are around $16bn when its stock market flotation happened last year.

It makes sense for the Twitter IPO date to happen soon considering Facebook’s shares are up at around 18.7% from its IPO price of about $38 a share, it all seems positive so far.

What are your views on Twitter IPO?

Twitter IPO date MIA, positive so far