iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner video passes 1.4m views

Apple announced two new smartphones last week with the iPhone 5S being the flagship model. One of the main features on the handset has to be the fingerprint scanner, and it seems to be very popular indeed seeing as the video below has gained a massive 1,490,625 in just 6 days.

The iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner has officially been named ‘Touch ID’; guess it sounds more professional giving it a new name rather than the norm.

On September 20th consumers will be able to get their hands on the new iPhone 5S, and once they have it they will be able to test out the new Touch ID fingerprint scanner. This new setup will allow users to unlock the phone with a simple finger placement on the Home Button, it is now all about scan, unlock and away you go.

Even though you can use the password option, it is much quicker to use Touch ID, what we really like is the ability to unlock the phone, and buy apps etc by simply using the fingerprint scanner. You will need to set up the fingerprint option initially, but once setup you are all good to go.

Please do watch the video below titled “Apple – iPhone 5s – The new Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor”, and then answer this question – Do you like the new iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner feature?

iPhone 5S fingerprint scanner video passes 1.4m views