NFL scores deliberated on Google Plus, Facebook

Facebook and Google+ are two of the most popular social networking places to be at the moment, and over the last year G+ has risen very fast indeed. Before Google opened its social place to be the majority used Facebook, and when it comes to NFL scores we see debates and discussions of both networks coming in thick and first.

This year of 2013 sees the 94th regular season of NFL under way, which all started on September 5th. Most of the discussions on both Facebook and Google+ seem to gear more towards debates on the NFL scores, some of the comments posted on the networks are a great read.

When the New York Jets played New England Patriots one commenter on Facebook said, “I just wasted 4 hours of my life.” you can read so many more over on the dedicated Facebook NFL page.

On Google+ the news also comes in fast, one discussion kicked off with the status saying “Patriots get 4 Points for the victory, Jets 1 point for the loss. Full points scoreboard on Monday.” Please visit Google+ NFL page and look at the discussions where you can have your say.

It seems both Facebook and Google+ is the place to be at the moment if you want news on NFL, you can discuss, debate and answer many questions being asked on these social networks.

Who do you think will win when the Seahawks plays the 49ers this Sunday? We would also love to know if you use either Facebook or Google+ for checking NFL scores?

NFL scores deliberated on Google Plus, Facebook