Google Plus Comedy Club countdown for Comic Relief

If you love Google+ Hangouts, laughing and want to be a pert of Comic Relief then look no further than the new ‘Hangout Comedy Club’, which is totally interactive and worth joining in.

Comic Relief will be hosting three superb Google+ Hangouts this month, and the first to start off this new hangout with an audience is Canadian writer and performer, Katherine Ryan. She will start the first show on today (August 8th) in about 9 hours time, next to follow her is Sanderson Jones performing from the Fringe Festival live and then on August 19th Joey Page will take to the stage.

What we love the most is simple, it all depends on how much the comedians make the audience laugh, which will decide how much to donate.

YouTube and Google+ will host the Hangout Comedy Club and we feel this is for a good cause, and with the Laugh-o-meter to aid Comic Relief in its fundraising and comedians to boot it all adds fun to raise money.

When you are in the Google+ Comedy Hangout the camera will use face recognition software, and it is this that will measure your smile, the more you smile suggests how much money will be donated at the end of the show.

Please visit the Google+ Hangout Comedy Club and join in to raise money for Comic Relief. Will you be participating? You will need a Google+ account, Hangouts plugin, Webcam & Microphone.

Google Plus Comedy Club countdown for Comic Relief