Eagles Riley Cooper Twitter threats after racial slur video

A video of Eagles receiver Riley Cooper showed him making a racial slur went public, and since then he has been receiving threats on Twitter. The league’s security department were notified of these threats and now the star is seeking counselling.

The video showed Cooper making a racial slur at a Kenny Chesney concert in June, which was released by Crossingbroad.com and there was only a few that knew about the video before it went live on July 31st and a few notified Cooper on Twitter.

You have to be very careful in what you ay or do in this age, because if these are leaked on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter the world knows about it in minutes, one of the most stupid things to do is being a racist.

How did the video get online? Only a few knew about the video and it was a few friends that originally have possession of the video, did it go online after he was blackmailed?

NFL security got involved, which surely means someone tried to extort or blackmail Cooper. At the moment Cooper has been excused from the Eagles locker room whilst he seeks counselling.

Twitter can be the best place in the world to get your name or business out there, but it can all turn around in a instant when something like the Riley Cooper racial slur video gets tweeted on there.

Eagles Riley Cooper Twitter threats after racial slur video