iOS 7 beta 5 full changelog lists software updates

iOS 7 beta 5 is now live and ready to download and install, it has released one week earlier than expected, which we thought would release on August 12th. Social networks are going crazy at the moment on Facebook, Twitter etc with everyone asking what is new.

The new update brings bug fixes, changes and improvements to the new OS upgrade such as being able to disable the Control Center option feature within apps; users can even see newly redesigned Settings icons.

iOS 7 will feel a little smoother now thanks to the improvements and tweaks, a few other changes include the power off slider looking different, you can now pull down to access information form the banner notifications

Beta 5 displays the first name by default rather than beta 4’s first name and last initial. Options can be selected in the Mail settings menu, which is linked to messages. To access the feature, go to Settings – Mail – Contacts and Calendars then Short Name under Contacts.

For the full iOS 7 beta changelog showing in-depth detail please visit BGR here.

Have you found anything interesting in iOS 7 beta 5?

iOS 7 beta 5 full changelog lists software updates