Spanish train crash video, driver was on phone

The devastating Spanish train crash that happened in Santiago de Compostela killed 79 people, since the accident occurred intense investigations took place and reports say that the driver was on the phone at the time before the train derailed.

Reports say that the train reached a staggering 119 miles per hour, which was nearly twice the speed that was allowed on that part of the track where the accident happened. These findings were taking from the train’s “black box” recorders, train conductor Francisco Jose Garzon Amo tried to slow the train down just before the crash but then it was too late.

It was found that Amo was on the phone to staff members of the state rail service Renfe, the train was going at 119mph at one point but just before derailment Amo got the speed down to 95mph according to investigators.

The train driver is now facing multiple charges of causing injury by professional neglect and homicide; these charges were announced on Sunday.

When the train derailed there were 200 people on board, investigations into the crash are still ongoing. On Monday a mass was held to memorialize those that sadly lost their lives, over 70 people are still in hospital with a few in serious conditions.

We have added the video below but please remember this is rather graphic and may be upsetting for some, OSM would like to send our condolences to family and friends of those that lost their lives and wish those still in hospital all the best.

Spanish train crash video, driver was on phone