Siberia the TV show real vs fake Twitter reactions

The new Siberia TV show has taken the world by storm, so much so it has caused major real vs fake Twitter reactions. The new 2013 TV series went on air last Monday at 10PM on NBC and since doing so the public confusion set in leaving them debating if were real or in fact fake.

The TV show in our eyes was a masterpiece and has a mix of Lost and Survivor goodness, Siberia consists of 16 reality show contestants competing in Siberia that starts off their terrifying adventure.

The show is a mind trick because it is a drama series with real actors acting as both host and contestants, it was a way to get viewers that just tuned in to believe it was a REAL survival reality show, this is when the mixed Twitter reactions started to pour in, take a look at the ones we have added below.

We like the one where one tweeter said “I thought the Siberia TV show was real until I saw that someone died at the end! Holy s**t it messed with my head.”

The Siberia TV Show was more like Hunger Games reality, it was clever and well thought out, and OSM calls it a masterpiece.

What got us was near the end of the show when one of the contestants died, one tweeter said it shocked them that one dude died on a TV reality show.

Please let us know what you think of the new Siberia TV Show? Check the tweets out, have you got anything to say?

The video below cannot be viewed in the UK, it can only be watch in the U.S. You can also visit for more information.

Siberia the TV show real vs fake Twitter reactions

  • reality

    It’s stupid enough to work, for all the people who still believe in Santa……….

  • Trina Jane Sognnaes-Physick

    I love this show. I am hooked. I have total respect for the actors who are playing such an exciting roll as a mock reality show. Who cares if it is fake people! It is mind blowing just as the blare witch project blew our minds when it came out in the theaters.
    This is a revolutionary show. Reality shows have become the new Entertainment for TV. Why not make a drama series in a reality show fashion. It is a brilliant idea! I would love to be an actor on this show. The creativity and the excitement of tricking the audience into wondering if it is real… is awesome and fun!
    Relax and enjoy the series. It get better and better. If you stopped watching it after the Pilot, I invite you to see the other shows (in order). The twists and turns it takes are very clever and keep you wanting more at the end.
    This series gets 5 stars from me!
    Thank you “Siberia” for creating a show that employees actors to entertain the world, have fun doing it, and be actors in the best form possible. I envy the opportunity that the directors and cast members have to hopefully re-direct TV in a new and exciting direction. I WANT MORE!
    Don’t bash the show because it isn’t real. Applaud them for having the ability to trick you into thinking it is real and then applaud them for making you question it later in the series when the “plot thickens”.
    Enjoy the show. It rocks! This series makes other reality shows look boring. It takes the “what if’s” in life and turns them into reality. “What if someone died on a reality show?” “How would that look?” “What if”….
    That is the point of the show. So embrace it and give this show a chance to entertain you and pull you in.