Watch Facebook event live right now, great expectations

Watch the Facebook live event right now via this page, Facebook has recently announced new things and today Facebook are expected to announce the new addition of video for Instagram.

The new video for Instagram, the company’s photo-sharing app will be announced on top of the new things that have happened over the last few months such as hashtags, redesigned Newsfeed, amongst other things.

Twitter has the popular video app called Vine and now it is time for Facebook to play the ball in the same court with video for Instagram.

It kind of makes sense for Facebook to announce the new RSS reader as well, the reason we say this is simply down to the Google Reader service apparently set to close on July 1st, this would be great timing.

There is not a lot to report at the moment, they are just talking about Facebook and likes etc, watch it now.

The Facebook Event June 2013 is being held at the Menlo Park headquarters, please do let us know what you expect to hear from the Facebook camp?

Watch Facebook event live right now, great expectations