Wayne Rooney Twitter page removal of Manchester United rubbished

A few days ago there were reports that Wayne Rooney removed the term ‘Manchester United’ from his Twitter page, the football star has since then rejected such claims.

Wayne Rooney’s Twitter page removal of the ‘Manchester United’ term has now been rubbished after reports went viral on the Web, there were a few news sites reporting that Wayne Rooney removed the term from his Twitter page and replaced it with “NikeUK athlete” after Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement from the football team as manager.

The sports star has been getting a lot of attention lately, one source mentioned that Rooney is valued at around £40-million, and according to the latest news Manchester United is interested in Cristiano Ronaldo and that Rooney’s submitted transfer request was rejected by the Old Trafford outfit.

Anyway, going back to Rooney removing the term ‘Manchester United’ is not true and the star made an announcement on his own website, he said “There’s a load of rubbish being written about me changing twitter bio saying I have deleted Manchester United from it. I have never deleted Manchester United from the bio whatever the papers are saying because it was never on there.”

Rooney changed his Twitter page about three weeks ago, which was before Alex announced he was retiring. Nike asked Wayne Rooney and other Nike sponsored athletes in April to add @nikeuk to their Twitter profiles, this was set in place after changes were made in ASA guidelines relating to athletes and social media.

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Wayne Rooney Twitter page removal of Manchester United rubbished