Charles Ramsey Songify video on Amanda Berry gone viral

Charles Ramsey became a hero after he rescued a young called Amanda Berry after she was kidnapped and held in Cleveland, since his heroic act and his interview on TV he has become YouTube sensation.

Three women were freed from a house in Cleveland thanks to neighbor Charles Ramsey, since the kidnapped women were saved the interview he gave to reporters was getting loads of views on YouTube, but since then ‘The Gregory Brothers’ decided to songify the video.

The video below called ‘Dead Giveaway’ has reached a massive 5,363,417 views on YouTube since May 7th.

The lyrics are pure class and the ‘DEAD GIVEAWAY – Hero Charles Ramsey Songified!’ is very catchy indeed.

We love videos that have had the Auto-Tune treatment, please watch the video below and make sure you turn the speaker volume right up loud. Please let us know what you think of the video.

There are so many videos that go viral and even though these women were kidnapped, which is sad news and left them in turmoil, we like the video because it puts a smile on faces.

Charles Ramsey Songify video on Amanda Berry gone viral