Warren Buffett Twitter: 6-days, 2 tweets & over 408,000 followers

Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett is one man to follow at the moment on Twitter, he sure knows how to amass a huge following with a single tweet.

Successful investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett started his Twitter account on May 2nd with one single tweet that said, “Warren is in the house.”

Since the 2nd of this month he has only tweeted once more saying “Read my new essay on why women are key to America’s prosperity”, since then his Twitter account has amassed over 408,000 followers.

Within 5 minutes of typing this article his followers went from 408,021 to 408,050, this is climbing so fast, all you need to do is refresh his Twitter page and he has more following him.

Buffet is not what you call a social media magnate, this is obvious considering he only has two tweets so far, in 6 days he has tweeted twice and gained so many followers, which is astonishing.

At the moment Buffet is not following anyone, we cannot wait to see how he uses his Twitter account, hopefully financial advice is a good start for him.

Are you following Warren Buffett over on Twitter?

Warren Buffett Twitter- 6-days, 2 tweets & over 408,000 followers