Toasting with Budweiser’s Buddy Cup starts Facebook friendship

Facebook is becoming a phenomenon and making drinking buddies into Facebook friends is now something you can do with Budweiser’s new Buddy Cup that starts real-time Facebook friendship.

Pick up your Budweiser Buddy Cup and toast to real friendships on Facebook, the new cup features an embedded chip that can access your Facebook account.

If two Buddy Cups touch each other they automatically make you and the other person Facebook friends, yes the two of you will be linked together on the social network.

There is now a saying that Facebook is to friendship as Budweiser is to beers bottoms up and cheers as they say.

These new cups are for promotional purposes only, so do not for one minute think they will end up at your party. These cups are limited to Brazil’s promotional events and will only be used at festivals, concerts and the brand’s sponsored events.

Please watch the video provided, OSM would love a couple other these for testing purposes.

Would you like to see the Budweiser Buddy Cup released in all countries?

Source – Mashable.

Toasting with Budweiser's Buddy Cup starts Facebook friendship