3 GTA 5 trailers release today & YouTube expectations

Rockstar has confirmed that 3 new GTA 5 trailers will go live today, and in the UK 4PM is the time you need to keep.

Rockstar Games reported on Twitter that three new GTA V trailers will be released today, the tweet said “#GTAV MICHAEL. FRANKLIN. TREVOR. Trailers Coming Tomorrow at 11AM Eastern.”

If you visit the official Rockstar website you will see a new photo advertising ‘MICHAEL. FRANKLIN. TREVOR’, these are the three main characters; repo man Franklin, hillbilly Trevor and bank robber Michael.

These new GTA 5 trailers can be watched via the official website, and we can see these going viral on YouTube at some point. There is apparently going to be new information covering the game next week, and with this happening we can see GTA 5 YouTube videos getting millions of views.

If you would like to see the worldwide release times for these trailers, please do visit Product Reviews as they have all the times.

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3 GTA 5 trailers release today & YouTube expectations