Prague explosion trending on Twitter, bombing talk unfounded

Within the last few moments we have heard that there’s been an explosion in Prague, which has results in people turning to Twitter with news from Prague and also blogs tweeting updates in the dozens per minute.

During one minute while writing this article we saw more than 100 tweets from various sources. Currently it is not known what the source of the Prague explosion is, although this hasn’t stopped some people guessing it could be a bombing but these tweets are unfounded and it will most likely be a gas related explosion.

It is understandable while any explosion would be worldwide news following the Boston bombing. We will update our readers in the coming hours when official information is given.

Twitter chatter – bits of information landing on Twitter points out that the explosion had been in central Prague, and some people are still trapped. Around 25 people were injured, according to the majority of tweets.

The term “Prague Explosion” is trending right now on Twitter, which is thanks to this news just breaking. The best place to find the latest information is via this Twitter search page. Feel free to share any updates you have in the comments.